Tuesday, August 9, 2011

GMOs failing across America - Farmer to Farmer film reveals disastrous failure

Man cannot play God. Nature is as it is for a reason and cannot be different. We are "punished" for tampering with nature, because these unnatural foods are toxic, yield less, and are now failing entirely. The best way to prevent this from happening, to reverse the genetic infestation these people are fomenting on the Earth, is to reduce your dependence on these psychopaths. Grow at least some of your own food. There's no better feeling than knowing you control your food supply in the face of this mad eugenics assault on nutrition.

    Natural News -

    The mainstream media reports almost nothing about the downside of GMO farming. Only the propaganda of creating more agricultural abundance cheaply is broadcasted. A short video documentary "Farmer to Farmer: The Truth about GM Crops" offers a glimpse into the undisclosed downside reality of GMO farming.

    Documentary Essence

    Michael Hart has been a commercial farmer in Cornwall, England for thirty years. He is not an organic farmer, but he is a proponent of agricultural diversity from family farms. He wants the EU to avoid the GMO seed/herbicide trap.

    His recently produced short documentary focuses on American farmers, who have bought into the biotech industry's propaganda of higher yields with less overhead. The farmers he interviewed underscore the same theme: Monsanto has trapped them into a financial system of patented seeds and herbicides that have resulted in faltering crop yields with higher operating expenses.

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