Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ode to Theodore Kaczynski

The longer this crisis progresses the more the voice of Hindu philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti echoes in my head. Although many people will read this and be reminded of Theodore Kaczynski.

Most people don't know that Kaczynski was a victim of the profoundly sick society he hated, a guinea pig in a government mind control experiment known as MKULTRA. It is an irony of ironies that a grotesque government conspiracy turned Kaczynski into the poster child for paranoid conspiracy theories and enemies of the State – the Unibomber.

Haggard and reclusive, not to mention violent, Kaczynki's media caricature is the perfect contrast to so-called civilized society, a representation of what happens to crazy people who hate and fear God Government. Worshiping the State as most people do, there is no sympathy generated for what MKULTRA did to his mind, because such government conspiracies do not exist, except in the minds of crazy people like Ted Kaczynski. The propaganda employed here is nothing short of genius.

So most people will conjure images of the Unibomber when I say, this society is sick and needs to die; the sooner the better. Most of those people are sheltered in their comfortable little wombs, protected by the government's fake statistics and its media whores who sweep the cruelties and injustices of so-called civilization under the rug, making it oh, so easy for you to pretend none of it is happening, that we are at the peak of human existence, ever progressing, ever evolving, visions of a Star Trek future dancing in their heads, even while many of the great minds of today employ their intelligence in the service of madness, death, and destruction. You do not hear about the millions of people living in tent cities and shantytowns all over the country. The unemployment rate is grossly underestimated. Our standard of living is being eradicated, the value of our money being destroyed. Thousands of miles away, our illegal and immoral wars are slaughtering millions, our nuclear weapons are permanently contaminating the lands these people call home, causing horrific birth defects and exploding rates of cancer. The Third World and the famine, disease, and ethnic strife that defines it is not a product of an as yet to be civilized society. It is the direct and deliberate consequence of resource exploitation by the international banking cartel, who create money out of thin air to loan to the tin pot dictators who rule these countries, at interest that cannot possibly be paid back. None of this will bother enough people as long as the privilege to watch TV and obsess over distraction, trivium, bread and circus is not taken from them.

The people responsible for this are above those who hold office; they cannot be voted out, and have an infinite supply of money to buy off anyone new we vote in to office to change it all. And then, when all else fails, there is the Kennedy option (the government did not kill Kennedy, because government conspiracies do not exist). This disease has metastasized for almost a hundred years, yet we still think we can solve it through the democratic process that created it in the first place. Our republic, long dead now, was far more virulent back when this heinous system – the Federal Reserve – was created; it has had upwards of 98 years to wrap its tentacles around every essential aspect of our society – education, media, politics, medicine, food, etc. With over 500 members of Congress and only one Ron Paul, and our entire society on the precipice of the abyss, it is long passed saving even if it were worth saving.

Here is where Kaczynski and I part ways, again taking note that Kaczynski was insane because his mind was tampered with. The government, our society, are not the enemy here. The rot and disease that has infested our society is not the result of something external from ourselves. It is the direct and inevitable consequence of our own pathological collective egoic mind. For even if we can see the criminal matrix that dominates our lives, the consequences of casting it off and living truly free are even more frightening than the matrix itself. We know that runaway “defense” spending and welfare entitlements are unsustainable, yet woe betide the politician or figurehead that suggests cutting or eliminating them. We know our education system is rotten, yet, no matter how much our children degenerate into stupidity and helplessness, we demand more money be thrown at the problem without enacting any fundamental change (or, what Einstein referred to as “insanity”). Anyone who actually suggests we eliminate the Department of Education is scourged and crucified. We know the mainstream media is corrupt, yet we believe only their narrative. No, we will not vote for Ron Paul. We will cheerfully cling to the establishment whores we supposedly hate, willfully in denial of the fact that what the candidate says and what the elected does are always in stark conflict, as the astronomical debt we've accumulatedfar and away too large to be attributed to the actions of one administration, or one Congress – goes up, up, up, despite the letter next to the name of those "in power".

Some people unconsciously dependent on this sickness will say I'm throwing my hands and giving up. As if the system is worth saving if we could just – this time...finally...after all these generations – get the right people into power. We've got to fight! Even if you could get the right people into power, people who would shrink the size of government to sustainable levels, if that were even possible under any circumstances, it would involve a level of responsibility most people are simply not willing to undertake, and most people would hate them more than the thieves they replaced. Turn off my TV and grow food? But government pays some fat stupid farmer to grow my food for me, or there's the McDonald's down the street. My diabetes? Cancer? Heart disease? Well, I'm the victim of bad genes. And besides, I don't wanna live forever anyway. Cut up my credit cards? Save my money? But I have to have the latest gadgets and adhere to fashion trends. What good does money in the bank do me if I'm not a hipster douchebag? Volunteer in my community? I don't even know my neighbors. Aren't I supposed to fear them, watching them, to make sure they're not al Qaeda? And who protects me from al Qaeda if the military and police (I repeat myself) are cut or – *gasp!* – disbanded? Buy a gun? Aren't guns evil? Can't I just dial 9-11 and hope help to arrives before I'm killed? Somebody tell me what to do!

And so, despite the establishment's caricature of people like me who are paranoid, violent, and dangerous, which I suppose is the predictable reaction when someone snaps at the hand that feeds them, I believe that, just as there is nothing that can be done, at least in the context of actually doing something, to reform and restore our society, there is nothing that needs to be done to cause it to die; allowing the society to die and truly reforming it are one and the same. Just as the respirator keeps someone in a vegetative state “alive”, our voluntary consent in this pseudo civilization is its sole support of life. There is no violence, no insurrection, no violent mobs, no riots, no tar and feathering, no destruction of property that needs to take place, although I am certain it will. When it is determined that someone who is clinically brain dead should no longer be kept alive, there is no action required, except to cease doing what was already being done to keep the body alive. You just pull the plug and mourn the dead and move on with your life.

And for me, the sooner this happens, the better. I've been accused of, and will now admit to, parading bad economic news as if I am cheering the demise of our society. Unlike Nero, I am not merely fiddling as Rome burns; I am ecstatically dancing around the fire. I've understood, going on three years ago now, that the day would come when our money became worthless. I have warned people of that eventuality since then, til I was quite literally blue in the face, to little avail that I'm aware of (as if this were my if I know better how others should live their lives). More importantly, I am prepared for it. I don't know exactly how the collapse will unfold, because there are just too many factors involved, but one thing I do know is, I won't be breaking into stores looking for food; I won't be killing my neighbor for his.

I know that, on a physical, mental, and spiritual level, my life in the post-collapse world will be infinitely more fulfilling than it is now. I will mourn the suffering and death of the many millions who will be culled as the State and the diseased egoic mindset that created it suffers its death pangs, those who were so addicted to the system that, at least on a subconscious level, they chose a meaningless death over freedom. Those of us left behind will continue to evolve the collective towards higher consciousness, which inevitably will bring freedom. If your loyalties lie with the State and the cruel and vicious society it created, my sorrow for what befalls you will be tempered by the knowledge that it was your choice, no one else's.