Thursday, August 11, 2011

UK Riots Lead To Rethink In Tory Crime Policy

Problem > reaction > solution. Now they have their excuse to enact legislation giving them power to shut down social media whenever they deem a crisis is in progress. Add this overreaction to the fact that London police were ordered to stand down while rioting took place, and you see how the agenda unfolds, under their complete control.

    Huffington Post -

    The prime minister has signalled a major shift in emphasis on crime policy in the wake of the riots which have affected parts of England in the past week.

    In an emergency meeting of the House of Commons, David Cameron indicated that the police could be given powers to shut down social networks during times of unrest, and widen officers' remit to compel people to remove face coverings.

    "This is a time for our country to pull together," said Cameron, praising those who had taken to the streets to defend their communities from thugs. He also mentioned those who had taken to the streets of Enfield in north London, without criticising what some people have branded vigilantism.

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