Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's Official: The Media is Ignoring Ron Paul

Here's the deal: as I laid out in Excursions Down the Rabbit Hole, when a private cartel of banksters has total unregulated control of the monetary system for almost a hundred years, they are no longer part of the establishment; they are the establishment. Do not think of the healthcare industry, education, media, or government as entities separate from each other or from the cartel. They are all cogs in the same evil machinery. So as Ron Paul threatens the establishment - the media being the disinformation arm of the establishment - the media will either try to destroy or marginalize him.

Which is just as well. Even if there was a glitch in the Matrix and Ron Paul got elected, he is only one man. He still has to contend with a Legislature and Judiciary firmly in the camp of the establishment. Ron Paul's election would only, once again, instill false hope in the hearts of millions of people, who shouldn't be looking for a savior anyway, except the one they see in the mirror. View the charts here.