Tuesday, August 9, 2011

UK Riots: Government Prepares Troops, Martial Law

It won't be long before people in America start the uprising. This is the wrong approach, in my opinion, but it's still preferable to sitting back and allowing yourself to be oppressed. But you'll see, in London, where violence against the State gets them. They have the armored vehicles. They have the water cannons, the sound cannons, the tear gas, the LRAD's...and, especially in Britain, which has no right to bear arms, the guns. The elite want you to riot. They want you to burn and pillage and loot and kill. It gives them an excuse to stomp your head in.

    Infowars -

    Following numerous reports of failures on behalf of police to arrest looters or adequately respond to the riots in London that are now sweeping across the entire UK, curfews and troops on the streets are now being readied as authorities prepare to enforce martial law to quell massive civil unrest.

    BBC News twice reported this morning that troops were being readied. The statement was first made by a reporter at 8:30am and then repeated by a Metropolitan Police representative who said “all options were on the table”.

    U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May confirms that the government is considering “military support for the police”.

    Curfews are also being discussed as authorities prepare to transform Britain into a locked down police state.

    “Armoured vehicles have been brought in to clear the streets for the first time by police to tackle what senior officers say is the worst rioting and looting in living memory,” reports the Guardian.

    “I have not heard of a curfew on mainland Britain in the past century. [It's] very difficult to impose. I’m not saying that it is definitely the way forward but it is something we have to consider,” Diane Abbott, Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington told BBC Breakfast.

    Former London mayor Ken Livingstone called for police to use water cannons to disperse the rioters.

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