Friday, August 21, 2009

Kids Get $40 Gift Cards in H1N1 Vaccine Test

Too bad they can't use it to buy back the brain cells they lost, or cure their newly acquired auto-immune disease. They don't mention that to the kids or their parents of course.

    CNN -

    Why would parents have their children be part of such a trial? Most say to help other children. Christy Stein was involved in a pediatric trial for the swine flu vaccine in 1976 and understands what her sons are going through. But she also believes it's good for the country's public health. "I trust the people who are running the study," she said. "And I'm not concerned about it at all."

    The studies are based on other influenza trials in the past. Many parents have already volunteered their children but openings still exist. Children 6 months to 35 months are needed, Kotloff said. "Like with any shot, children may have a sore arm. Your arm can be red...There might be some fever or achiness, but the symptoms go away in a couple of days.
    Andrew and Nathan are doing fine. They will keep a diary on how they feel and what, if any, reactions they have. Each was rewarded with a $40 gift card for his trouble. And even after being stuck with a couple of needles, Nathan Stein says it was worth it.