Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reid: Protesters are 'evil-mongers'

Until now, our representatives dismissed the American people, concerned about the health care bill, as being too stupid to have a real grasp of what the legislation contains within, so when they shouted down their congressmen and women, it wasn't based on principled, informed dissent, it was just a fake, "astroturf" movement meant to disrupt the "democratic process", entirely 'un-American'. If we would just shut up and let them explain it to us slaves, we'd learn to love it, and carry them out of the town halls above our heads, singing their praises. Now, in addition to being too stupid to understand the bill, which, like all bills, they haven't even read, and too un-American to principally object to this Nazi eugenics filth disguised as health care reform, Harry Reid has classified us as 'evil-mongers'.

Senator Reid, to be called evil by this grotesque, fascist Leviathan which you and your ilk have turned my government into, is highly complimentary indeed. I thank you.