Monday, August 10, 2009

Triple-dose of death

Get in line for your triple-shot of mind-erasing poison. In addition to the seasonal flu, the swine flu will require two shots, about three weeks apart, so you can get a triple dose of harmless mercury, maybe some aluminum and formaldehyde, anti-freeze, and a double dose of squalene so you'll enjoy the healthy benefits of autoimmune disorders the rest of your life, in addition to the cancer and brain damage.

What needs to be done now, is for conscientious Americans, who love life and care about their well-being, especially if you have children, to contact the White House, contact your representatives, and let them no, vehemently, that you do not and will not consent to these vaccines. It can't just be me and a handful of others who refuse to bend our knees to their gestapo tactics. It has to be a large quantity of the population. Contact your representatives, and educate the sheep in your inner circle of family and friends, and urge them to do the same.