Monday, August 24, 2009

Renditions to continue under Interrogation Unit

No point in even sending "terror" suspects to other countries to be tortured. We do that here. But regardless, the practice of rendition is a disgusting practice and only a complete idiot would believe the government when it says it doesn't torture, while at the same time sending suspects to other countries for the purpose of being tortured. And I will make this point every time I write in this blog about prolonged detentions and torture: not ONE of the "terrorists" we've detained has been charged with a crime, and any evidence, including confessions to terrorist attacks, such as Khalid Sheik Muhammad's supposed confession to 9-11, are inadmissible in court, for the obvious reason that, after enough torture, the victim will confess to anything you want them to just to make it stop. You say they have no rights because they're terrorists, oblivious to the fact that the only way we have of knowing these people are "terrorists" is our government says they are.

    NY Times -

    WASHINGTON — President Obama has created a team of interrogators to question key terrorism suspects as part of a broader effort to revamp United States policy on detention and interrogation. With the formation of this team, the administration indicated that it would more closely monitor, but not necessarily abandon, the controversial practice of sending some high-level terror detainees to other countries for questioning.

    Bill Burton, the deputy White House spokesman who is with the vacationing president in Oak Bluffs, Mass., said that creation of the unit does not mean the C.I.A. is out of the interrogation business. The new unit will include “all these different elements under one group,” he said at the briefing, and would work out of F.B.I. headquarters in Washington.

    In a background briefing about the interrogation unit, senior administration officials on Monday played down the notion that it would fall under direct, daily White House supervision. They also emphasized that while the National Security Council would provide it strategic guidance, the unit’s tactical operations would “be administratively housed within the F.B.I.” and involve officials drawn from many governmental agencies.

    The officials were describing recommendations from a task force that examined both interrogations and transfers of terror suspects to other countries for questioning; they said that President Obama had accepted all the proposals.

God I hate this rag. The government doesn't send suspects to other countries for "questioning". They send them to be tortured. Viciously. There's more if you can stomach reading it.