Friday, August 21, 2009

Texas school district: No shots, no school

They will use fear to coerce the population. It will start relatively benign, exploiting parental desire to see that their children are educated. This is why it's so imperative to educate the public about the poisons contained in the swine flu and all vaccines. Because if it's a choice between pulling our kids out of school and poisoning or possibly killing them, I think the choice is obvious. A public ignorant of vaccine dangers, believing that they are harmless and beneficial, will be like lambs to the slaughter. This must be stopped. Off topic, this has got to be the most horribly written news piece I've ever seen.

    Pro8News (Texas) -

    The first day of school is just around the corner and school districts have been holding several immunization clinics for students.

    Today LISD held their last immunization clinic.

    This year the state has mandated that all kindergarten and seventh grade students receive additional immunizations.

    According to LISD's head nurse, there’s need in the community for students to receive the immunizations.

    And if the student doesn’t have all their shots in order then the student can't attend school.
    Patricia Keck, Lisd head nurse
    "Either the student has all the immunization or that the parent has filed paperwork for exemption through the state."

    The health department has also been holding immunization clinics.

    They have a limit of two hundred vaccines a day and they had already reached today's limit by seven this morning.