Thursday, September 3, 2009

Get out your tissues: Swine flu has killed 36 U.S. children so far

As a father of two, believe me, I understand the tragedy of children dying. However, 36 children dying in a nation of 300 million is no cause for alarm, especially since such a high percentage of these children had pre-existing conditions that weakened their immunity. But it is telling that the CDC feels the need to make issue of this, and we all know why: fear.

    Reuters -

    he new H1N1 swine flu virus has killed 36 U.S. children, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Thursday.

    It said 67 percent of them had high-risk medical conditions putting them more at risk of severe disease, such as asthma, or were disabled with conditions such as cerebral palsy, but 22 percent of the children were under 5 and perfectly healthy.

    "As of August 8, 2009, CDC had received reports of 477 deaths associated with 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1) in the United States, including 36 deaths among children aged under 18 years," CDC researchers wrote in the agency's weekly report on death and disease.

    "The results of that analysis indicated that, of 36 children who died, seven (19 percent) were aged under 5 years, and 24 (67 percent) had one or more of the high-risk medical conditions."

    The new H1N1 swine flu was declared a pandemic in June and has been spreading globally since then. It has been active in the United States since it was first identified in April -- very unusual for influenza, which is only usually active in cooler months.

    It is known to affect older children and young adults more than seasonal flu does, something that has concerned doctors. Seasonal flu can kill perfectly healthy children as well as those with medical conditions, but doctors have worried there could be more deaths among children because children are being affected more.

    The CDC team said it is important to identify and treat children with H1N1 quickly, especially if they have severe disease or if they fall into a high-risk group, such as children with asthma, diabetes or other chronic conditions.

    Quick treatment with the antiviral drugs Tamiflu, made by Roche AG under license from Gilead Sciences, or GlaxoSmithKline's Relenza, can help reduce how long and how severe a flu infection is.

It is an absolute testament to the corruption and evil of our media that they would actually perpetuate this lie. Tamiflu is known to have vicious side effects. In Britain, health ministers ignored a warning from a panel of experts who warned that Tamiflu does more harm than good. The FDA authorized and urged doctors to keep stockpiles of Tamiflu available, even if was past the labeled expiration date. What is the reason for all this? You didn't know?