Saturday, January 16, 2010

Codex alert: Colloidal Silver banned in Europe

It won't be long before this and any and all natural remedies are banned in America, if you don't dig in and fight. It's not just that natural remedies can't be patented and sold at massive profits. It's not just that pharmaceutical megaliths want to perpetuate the fraud that only synthetic, toxic drugs can maintain your health and wellness. It's that they want you weak, and sick, and, preferably, dead. How else do you explain Codex mandates that will limit your access to vitamins and supplements like Vitamin D to levels so low they're completely useless?

Don't ever forget that at the bottom of almost any globalist agenda is eugenics, and these people believe the Earth is too populated (see also here) by at least 80% - that means about 6 BILLION people have to go. This is why there is sterilants, among other poisons, in your water. This is why there are reproductive system targeting ingredients in vaccines. Everything - everything - is eugenics. -

    The age old natural remedy of tiny silver ions and particles (traditionally called "colloidal silver") has been officially banned in The European Union through Codex Alimentarius. As of the first day of the new year, colloidal silver can no longer be sold as a dietary or nutritional supplement in health food stores within The European Union.

    Is the United States next?

    Pure silver and it's various compounds have been used as a natural anti-bacterial element since the dawn of time. There has been endless research spanning well over the past 100 years concerning silver as a proven anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-pathogenic natural element of the Earth.

    When pure silver is divided into nano-sized particles and ions, silver (being a transition metal) chemically assists the process of "oxidation", which in effect directly and indirectly works against pathogenic media.

    Silver (in low and safe concentrations) has virtually no toxicity nor side effects. Common metals that we consume daily in our foods and nutritional supplements are iron, copper, nickel, chromium, calcium, zinc, selenium, boron, vanadium, cobalt, etc. Our bodies are designed to use and transport metals effectively through ion channels and other pathways where metals enhance our cells, health and vitality.

    Now that The Europe Union has been targeted against the sale of colloidal silver supplements, we see the immediate need to prepare for the same fate to arrive in the United States. Having the ability to create colloidal silver solutions in the comfort and privacy of our home becomes an immediate concern.

    There is a strong chance that silver generating devices could fall under this ruling at a future time but no such laws or regulations have been made public yet. If you are outside of the United States, there could not be a better time to protect yourself against the Codex Alimentarius "agenda" than now.