Friday, January 1, 2010

Detroit flight plot may prove boon for security firms

Let me just say that you're a disgrace as a human being if you allow them to herd you and/or your children into one of these things.

    Raw Story -

    NEW YORK — The failed attempt to blow up an Amsterdam-Detroit flight last week could prove a bonanza for airport security firms, especially the makers of full-body scanners.

    "It might put some pressure to buy more full-body scanners... The US Congress will probably do something to increase the funding," Michael Boyd, an aviation consultant, told AFP.

    The high-tech body scanners can detect hidden objects, such as explosives, even when they are concealed by clothing, unlike the metal detectors passengers walk through in airports worldwide to access flight gates.

    The Netherlands, Britain and Nigeria have announced plans to rapidly deploy the use of full-body scanners at their airports.

    In the United States, the scanners are already in use at 19 airports, a practice that could become widespread.