Monday, January 11, 2010

Dodd: Healthcare reform 'hanging by a thread'

Here you're looking at textbook dis-info, psych-warfare. Stand down! Stop calling your representatives! Leave the White House alone! Stop protesting! Stop calling talk radio! Stop this tidal wave of anger over healthcare. You've won!

And then just when you think it's done, and you're breathing easy, they pass it. And then it's over. This is what they did with the banker bailout, this is what they did with cap and trade when it passed the House. Well, besides buying votes, which was done in this case as well. These bills were all "dead", the GOP said they were dead, democrats said they were dead, the media, including your controlled opposition, Fox News, said they were dead. Until they weren't.

Don't stop. Keep your boot on their throat and tell them all hell will break loose if you pass this bill.

    CNBC -

    Health care reform is "hanging on by a thread," and one or two votes could determine the outcome of the heavily-debated bill, Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd told CNBC Monday.

    Christopher Dodd (CT - D)
    Getty Images

    "Everyone feels, I guess, to some degree who have been for this, that they would have liked something different, and that's not uncommon when you're considering an issue of this magnitude," Dodd said.

    Some progressives, for example, are disappointed that the Senate bill, unlike the House version, does not include a public option, he said. Senators Joe Lieberman of Connecticut and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas are two people who voted for the bill in its original form and are now carefully watching what changes are being made.

    President Obama's administration has come under fire lately for putting too much emphasis on health care reform, causing many to question whether Democrats will retain their majority control come November. But Dodd, who is retiring this year, said it's an issue that needed to be dealt with — otherwise it would "strangle our economy," he said.

Notice the pure Orwellian doublespeak here: we have to spend hundreds of billions on healthcare, or it will strangle the economy. And millions of brain dead libtards swallow this hook line and sinker.