Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life Imitates Humor—But It’s No Joke

David Kramer over at LRC blog writes:

What Calvin Trillin jokingly predicted in this June 16, 2006 appearance on The Daily Show:

Has now become a reality:


Transportation Minister John Baird was unapologetic Sunday about the invasive search of an 85-year-old woman [emphasis mine] conducted by security personnel at the Ottawa Airport. Baird was asked by media Sunday about the treatment of the four-foot-10, 90-pound woman who was travelling from Ottawa to Toronto on Dec. 28. The woman was asked to remove her boots and then unzip her pants [emphasis mine]. A female inspection officer then poked at her abdomen. “The reality is, as we’ve seen in Iraq, the al-Qaeda network has put explosive devices on developmentally disabled adults and then sent them into marketplaces where their bombs were detonated,” Baird said on the Sunday TV show Question Period. “I think we should use common sense.”

Yes, kids—we’re all suspected “terrorists” now. (But that was always part of the plan for the New World Order folks who were behind the 9/11 “terrorist” attacks.)