Friday, January 15, 2010

Lifting the veil: More Americans Now Say Obama is ‘About the Same’ or ‘Worse’ Than Bush, as Independents Sour on Him

Now if they can figure this out about establishment plants - that they're really two wings of the same bird of prey; two puppets on either hand of the same puppet master, etc - before they vote, we might actually get somewhere. In other words, they won't vote for them.

    CNS News -

    Despite a commanding election win some 14 months ago, a new Quinnipiac University poll shows that more Americans now say Obama is performing “about the same” as or “worse” than President George W. Bush, and that he does not share their views on important issues.

    The same poll showed that crucial independent voters disapprove of President Obama’s handling of a variety of issues in larger numbers than the general voting population.

    The Quinnipiac Polling Institute report, released Wednesday, shows that a majority of respondents said Obama’s performance in the last year is comparable to that of President George W. Bush, who suffered some of the lowest approval ratings in history.

    Quinnipiac asked: “Do you think Barack Obama has been a better president than George W. Bush, worse, or about the same as President Bush?”

    Forty-three (43) percent of voters said he was a better president, 30 percent said worse, and 23 percent said “about the same.” In all, 53 percent considered Obama “about the same” or “worse” than Bush.