Friday, January 15, 2010

Obama’s Favorite For Supreme Court Justice Sunstein Wants To Ban Guns, Free Speech

My god, get this out, spread this far and wide, whip up the whirlwind. The hammer is dropping. You are in the crosshairs. Rise up, assert your liberty and sovereignty. Assert yourself or abdicate. The wolf is at your door, people.

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  1. Tell Cass Sunstein that a multitude of young and old like David are in the land.

    Not only are we not afraid of wolves, we're not afraid of lions, bears, or Goliath.

    David took lions and bears and killed them with his bare hands when they came after his sheep. We all know the story of a little shepherd boy facing the giant Goliath.

    Sometimes wolves don't realize what's going to happen when they come to the door, and people grab them.

    So, Cass Sunstein and crew think can take their opinions that totalitarianism is desirable to them, throw out the Constitution, and take away our liberty like the Supreme Court is an oligopoly of unrestrained state power to create totalitarianism in the USA??

    When the wolves come to the door, they better prepare to be grabbed as a shepherd grabs a predator coming after his sheep.

    You think we're all sheep, you wolves??

    There are shepherds among us - many shepherds - not a bunch of sheep.