Thursday, February 4, 2010

Intelligence chiefs: another false flag, staged terror attack is 'certain'

The majority of Americans still do not believe that our government has, does, and will stage terror attacks against its own people. Even in the face of incontrovertible evidence the Christmas Day bombing attempt was totally staged. So if you're reading the headline of this story and you think, "You're insane, Steve," let me help you get the facts straight here. The information they are going off of to make this statement - that another terror attempt in U.S. is 'certain' - comes from "intel" given by the Christmas Day underwear bomber. And what do we know about the underwear bomber? Let's connect the dots that our multi-billion dollar intelligence and defense apparatus apparently could would not.

Meet Farouk AbdulMutallab, who we are led to believe was a Muslim fanatic, supposedly a known terrorist on a watch list (but not a no-fly list), whose own father told our government might be a maybe a potential terrorist. He pays cash for a one-way ticket from Amsterdam to Detroit. He has no luggage. No coat. This alone says he has "terrorist" written all over him, that he should, at the very least, be taken aside for additional security checks. But this doesn't happen. So how does he get on the plane? Multiple witnesses, most notably the inassailable Kurt and Lori Haskell, witnessed AbdulMutallab being escorted past security by a 'well-dressed man' (apparently AbdulMutallab was not so 'well-dressed'). He has no passport, and an expired visa. Who is this well-dressed man? A US government agent. Then, for the entire duration of the flight, AbdulMutallab is videotaped by another unknown person. Who is this unknown person, and what made him think AbdulMutallab was such a person of interest that he would want to fix a video camera on him the entire flight? The government, for several weeks, completely denied that AbdulMutallab had any help getting on board, or that another unknown man on that flight was arrested, but have since been forced to admit that indeed someone did assist him with getting on the plane.

You don't need an active imagination to see what's happened here: that the Christmas Day bombing attack was a government black op, a staged false flag terror attack designed to distract the American people away from their vigorous opposition to healthcare, boost Obama's historically dismal approval ratings, and frighten us into accepting naked body scanners in our airports, malls, and courthouses, that break child pornography laws and wouldn't have stopped AbdulMatallab anyway.

Now, notwithstanding government shills who think AbdulMatallab did us a favor, it appears that this staged event has not distracted or frightened Americans to the desired effect. While most Americans don't realize this was a black op, they do know that the level of incompetence was so huge that many are at least shaking their heads, saying 'I don't know about this one...stinks to high heaven.' Why should we be made to pay for their own incompetence? At the very least, the government fully admits they botched this one. Their error. Their bad. So their solution is more intrusive, humiliating, unconstitutional searches? Treating us like terror suspects even more so than they already do? Because let's not kid ourselves: when they force us to enter these naked body scanners, what they're saying is, we have no way of knowing you're a terrorist until you prove your innocence. But I'm slightly digressing here.

We know the underwear bomber was a patsy, that the whole thing was carefully coordinated by agents of the US government and possibly others. So what can we make of this so-called intelligence they've supposedly gathered from AbdulMutallab? Being that the entire event was fake, all intel garnered as a result can only be viewed as fake, and thus when American intelligence chiefs tell us another attack is 'certain', we know that they have another staged black op in the late stages of planning. And now they cart out their dead bogeyman, their CIA asset, known as Tim Osmond (aka Osama bin Laden), to tell us, on audio tape of course, that he was behind the bombing, even though days later the White House tells us it can't be comfirmed it's him. Rest assured they will still reference this fake tape when trying to assure us we're all about to die if we don't let them scan and record our naked bodies.

Americans still don't want the naked body scanners. Americans still despise Barrack Obama, in ever-increasing numbers, because they figured out what he is. Americans still don't want healthcare, and their representatives, aware that to support it still would be political suicide, are distancing themselves from it. And cap and trade, which is still on the table, is still hotly opposed, even though it may not be in the news because healthcare so dominates Capitol Hill at the moment. But rest assured, when they start discussing it again, they will feel the wrath. So we must be taught a lesson. We must be reminded that we need them. We must feel that sense of dependency again, that we had for decades prior to George W Bush - that old love of the State, our lord and savior. We have forgotten, and so they will terrorize us into remembering. That is all the State has. That is all it can do. If you didn't have any fear - fear of anything - terrorism, losing your job, your health, your retirement, etc - you wouldn't need government.

This is how they control you. That is how they perpetuate themselves. They frighten you. They manufacture problems, which effect you and cause you to demand solutions, and then they present themselves as the solution, unknown to you that it was they who created the problem in the first place. Hegelian Dialectic: learn it, embrace it, and apply it to everything government does. It is their daily bread.