Friday, March 5, 2010

Afghan survivors: Women waved scarves to try to stop NATO air attack

Winning hearts and minds, the hard way. I probably say this once a month at least but whatever: when the family members and friends of the victims, if they weren't already fighting this vicious occupation, take up arms against us, well they'll just be terrorists too. They were terrorists before their families and friends were slaughtered, they were terrorists after. In fact, all terrorists are born terrorists, so if we end up making terrorists out of the whole Muslim world, by our acts of barbarism, by our eternally polluting their lands with radioactive waste that deforms their children, then that must mean that all Muslims really are terrorists.

    Miami Herald -

    The military helicopters swooped in from behind the three-vehicle convoy as it wound through a remote road in southern Afghanistan, and survivors of last week's deadly attack said they had no idea they were in danger until the lead four-wheel drive vehicle exploded.

    After seeing the gruesome aftermath of that rocket strike, survivors of the NATO attack told McClatchy Newspapers, women jumped from the second car and frantically waved their head scarves to try to stop the attack.

    A two-star American general is in southern Afghanistan investigating the Feb. 21 strike, which killed 21 Afghans in Daykundi province and quickly prompted U.S. Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal to deliver a videotaped apology.

    Survivors said they want more than that, however.

    "What do we do with his apology?" said Hussain Dilbarian, a 20-year-old survivor of the strike. "It doesn't make any difference. The killers should be handed over to us. We don't want anything else."

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