Friday, March 5, 2010

FBI paid racist shock jock Hal Turner ‘in excess of $100,000′

Textbook black ops, cointelpro, controlled it what you want. The government puts on a show to frighten you into relinquishing your rights. And then people wonder why people like me suspect, immediately, correctly I might add, that the Christmas day underwear bomber was a false flag event, or that the IRS kamikaze was staged, as well as the Pentagon shooter. Of course the government does not have a monopoly on crazy, but when they're notorious for staging the exact types of events we're seeing today, how can we ever trust them? You can trust them if you want. If you're suicidal. Knock yourself out. As far as I'm concerned, every word out of their mouth is a lie, including and and the.

    Raw Story -

    Turning informant on your fans can be lucrative, if you're a shock jock by the name of Hal Turner.

    Amid a trial where Turner faces criminal charges for making threats of violence against public servants, he disclosed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation paid him "in excess of $100,000" over a five-year period.

    Turner, a long-time racist radio host who attracted an audience of white supremacists and neonazis, was first revealed as an FBI informant in 2008. After becoming the subject of ridicule on infamous Internet forum 4chan, Turner was confronted by hackers on his site's discussion boards with copies of e-mails he'd allegedly sent to the FBI, bragging about how he'd helped in "flush[ing] out another crazy."

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