Saturday, March 13, 2010

Waterboarding sessions brought detainees ‘close to death’: report


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    The waterboarding sessions that terrorist suspects were subjected to during the Bush administration were "administered with meticulous cruelty" and were in part designed so that detainees acted as "guinea pigs" for future interrogation sessions, says an exhaustive new report.

    The report also shows that the interrogation methods were so harsh that some detainees "simply gave up and tried to let themselves drown."

    Drawing on numerous documents about the CIA's torture program that have been released over the past year, Mark Benjamin at reports that interrogators went to extreme lengths to ensure that detainees were pushed to their physical limits, including feeding the detainees a liquid diet to make them more capable of ingesting large quantities of water, and replacing their water with a saline solution that would keep detainees from dying when they ingested too much water.

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