Thursday, March 4, 2010

Polar bears survived previous ice thaw... but they won't be so lucky this time, warn experts

The idiotic alarmism just compounds, even after they've been caught red-handed fabricating the whole "science" and their eugenic agenda has been exposed over and over again. Finally forced to admit the existence of the medieval warm period, which was likely warmer for longer than the previous warm spell - which Phil Jones admits ended in 1995, even as his cohorts at Copenhagen laughably told us the previous ten years constituted the warmest decade in recorded history - they're now telling us that, even though the polar bears survived the previous warm period, they won't be so lucky this time. Because they're more evolved. You mean, more evolved like they're now the world's strongest land-dwelling swimmer?

    Daily Mail -

    When it comes to bears, the polar species is the new kid on the block. A rare fossil jaw found in Norway has revealed the snowy white bears only split from brown bears a meret 150,000 years ago, which is a blink of an eye in evolutionary terms.

    Polar bears live much of the year on the Arctic sea ice and have become a symbol for environmental campaigners of the threat of global warming.

    polar bear mother
    A polar bear mother and twin polar bear cubs, hunting on the Svalbard Archipelago,
    Norway. Scientists have studied a 130,000-year-old polar bear ancestor jaw discovered in this region

    New research suggests the species was able to rapidly adapt at a time when Earth was in the last stages of an ice age and was beginning to warm.

    However, scientists have warned they may not be able to repeat this feat, should temperatures continue to rise.

    Flashback: Climate change shock propaganda ad depicts polar bears plunging to their bloody deaths:

    'Our results confirm that the polar bear is an evolutionarily young species that split off from brown bears some 150,000 years ago and evolved extremely rapidly,' said Charlotte Lindqvist, from the University of Buffalo.