Friday, March 5, 2010

CNN wants to know: Whatever happened to bin Laden?

As if they don't already know:


And even if he's alive, why this massive manhunt for the CIA's own operative - also known as Tim Osmond? If they really wanted him, they could've had him in July 2001 when he stayed at an American hospital in Dubai, where he was treated by American doctors and visited by the CIA. But rest assured - he really was the world's most wanted terrorist. Just like under Clinton when Sudan offered to arrest bin Laden and hand him over to the United States, and Clinton said, "Nah, maybe some other time." Actually Clinton told them there wasn't enough evidence to indict him in court, but considering the kind of regard for due process our government has - zero - that excuse isn't exactly believable. And we are, after all, talking about the former heavyweight champion of liars. But in the end, it's not like it made any real difference that Clinton let him go, because bin Laden isn't wanted for 9-11 anyway. Why? Ask the FBI.

But anyway, you knew all this. The point is, if a bunch of slaves sitting at their computers in their underwear can figure this out, what does it say about CNN that they haven't? What it says is, they've figured it out, because it's common knowledge. They just hope you do your duty as a slave and believe and do everything you're told. After all, what kind of war on terror could there be if all the terrorists, most of which were CIA or FBI operatives anyway, are dead or in prison?

Because HE'S DEAD.

The article goes on to say Pakistan's ISI, which is actually involved in 9-11, unlike bin Laden, is hiding bin Laden and using him as a trump card to keep America from abandoning Pakistan and leaving her to the mercy of those evil Indians. It's all quite ludicrous, especially when you consider that we supposedly coerced Pakistan's aid in the fake war on terror by allegedly threatening to bomb them into the stone age. Golly, wouldn't it stand to reason that same threat would be on the table if we thought Pakistan was hiding bin Laden from us? Here's a six pack, and 56 channels of reality TV. Just forget the whole thing.