Friday, March 5, 2010

Mind-reading computers turn heads at high-tech fair

And the Thought Police salivate. Not even Orwell could imagine such a powerful tool for the State. This won't end well for us.

    AFP -

    Devices allowing people to write letters or play pinball using just the power of their brains have become a major draw at the world's biggest high-tech fair.

    Huge crowds at the CeBIT fair gathered round a man sitting at a pinball table, wearing a cap covered in electrodes attached to his head, who controlled the flippers with great proficiency without using hands.

    "He thinks: left-hand or right-hand and the electrodes monitor the brain waves associated with that thought, send the information to a computer, which then moves the flippers," said Michael Tangermann, from the Berlin Brain Computer Interface.

    But the technology is much more than a fun gadget, it could one day save your life.

Oh, well that's cool. They're developing it for totally benign reasons. Some day you'll be able to put a cap on your head that will break your car for you in an emergency stop, improving your response time. It's FYOG. Isn't The Bachelor on?

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