Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rawesome Foods raid victims stripped of First Amendment rights with court gag order

Don't arrest the banksters who've stolen hundreds of trillions of dollars and wrecked our economy. Arrest these terrorists selling raw milk; rob them of their Constitutional rights. I got news for don't have any rights. They'll do what they want when they want. You're only breathing because you have their permission. So don't step out of line, citizen! Repeat after me: God bless America, the freest country in the universe!

    Natural News -

    Victoria Bloch was released from jail in LA County last night, but only under the condition that she completely give up her First Amendment rights and refrain from talking to anyone about the case. NaturalNews has confirmed this gag order was placed on Victoria and is also going to be placed on James Stewart and Sharon Palmer as a condition of their release (they are reportedly making bail today and may be home by this evening).

    This gag order is, of course, an effort by the California court system to try to quell the rising tidal wave of public outrage against the armed government raids against a raw dairy farm and private buyer's club -- a raid that many people who witnessed it described, in their own words, as "government terrorism" against the People.

    First, the government attempts to take away their right to engage in commerce and enter private contracts. Then, the government vandalizes this buying club, steals their cash, destroys their entire product inventory and steals the computers from the store. The owners (and conspiring farmers) are arrested at gunpoint and taken to jail without even being read their rights. And finally, to top it off, they are slapped with a gag order which prohibits them having their First Amendment rights so that they might tell their side of the story.

    This is a total assault on freedom by the government.

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