Friday, October 9, 2009

Active Duty Troops In Iraq Are Wearing Oath Keeper Tabs

I can't overstate the importance of Oathkeepers' mission. If we can turn the military against this rogue government, and they pledge to uphold, rather than destroy, our constitutional liberties, the New World Order falls to pieces, at least where America's concerned. People tell us revolution is futile against our military. Aside from the fact that a bunch of goat herders are beating our military in Afghanistan, we are not itching for a fight with our own troops. Our enemy is the globalists, who may or may not have been born in America, yet are not Americans regardless. They don't usually live in America, and they don't consider themselves Americans, given that their goal is the elimination of national sovereignty. We want the troops on our side, on the side of liberty.

    Stewart Rhodes
    Oath Keepers
    October 9, 2009


    The above photo was submitted by an active duty Oath Keeper in Mosul Iraq, sporting an Oath Keepers tab. As his other tab and patch make clear, he is also a “Three Percenter.” (see below)

    The photo was also posted over at the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog with this message:

    Just thought the WRSA [Western Rifle Shooters Association] and the Sipsey Street boys might like to see what we are wearing while over here in Iraq. We . . . know what the deal is, and when the time comes (which it will), we know where we stand and continue to make preparations for it.

    Keep up the good work!

    Regards from Mosul,


    All I can say to that is Hooah! Thank you for your service, K7C, and for stepping up. Give our best regards to your brothers in arms, and let them know we have your six back home. If any of you need anything at all, from socks to helmets, to body armor, just ask and it will be provided. We need you to stay safe and come home healthy.

    Oath Keepers here stateside, let your brothers on active duty in Iraq know how you feel. They do come here to read comments, count on that.

    Note that the tab in the photo is not the same tab we sell here on our site (which is more of a police style tab). We are having military ACU style tabs with velcro made up, but they are not yet finished. That means the troops are having their own Oath Keeper tabs made up! And no, we did not put them up to it. They are doing this on their own initiative.

    So take heart! The message of the oath and its obligations is spreading, and the Guardians of the Republic are listening and responding. And every time you act to spread the message, by whatever means, you cannot know what impact you will have, or how far it will reach. That’s why it’s so crucial that we each do what we can to reach, teach, and inspire as many active duty as possible about their obligation to defend the Constitution and their duty to refuse unlawful orders that would violate the rights of their fellow Americans.

    Upcoming Outreach Effort to Put Tabs, DVD’s, and OK Handbooks in the Hands of Active Duty

    Coincidentally, the tabs those troops are wearing are almost exactly like the tabs we are having made for our upcoming care package initiative, which will put an Oath Keeper tab, DVD, Oath Keepers handbook, copy of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and other outreach materials, into the hands of active duty deployed worldwide. We plan on launching that effort on Veteran’s Day, November 11 and continuing right on through Bill of Rights Day, December 15, with the goal of delivering all the care packages by Christmas. Now imagine what that will be like! Tens of thousands of our troops reached with the message and a tab. I will post more details very soon.

    What’s a Three Percenter?

    Now, seeing the other tab and patch in the photo, you may ask “what is a three percenter?” The narrowest definition is that three percenters are hard-line gun owners who are done backing up and will not comply with more infringements of their right to bear arms. A broader definition would be that they are hard-line Americans who are done backing up and will not comply with further infringement of any of their rights. It also alludes to the three percent of the colonists who took to the field against the King during the Revolution, and the estimation that at least three percent of modern Americans will actively fight, if it comes to it, to preserve liberty. Read this essay for more explanation.

    Oath Keepers and Three Percenters are separate groups, but it is not a surprise to see people who consider themselves both an Oath Keeper and a Three Percenter. If you read the supplied links you will see why.

    While we Oath Keepers have a specialized mission of outreach to current serving, focused on the oath and on refusing to obey unlawful orders, there’s lots of common ground and shared commitment to the Republic among both groups. Go here to read what the Sipsey Street blog has to say about that.

    Oath Keepers, expect to see more of these tabs popping up soon, even before we begin our care package initiative. You are making a real difference. Keep up the good work!

    For the Republic,
    Stewart Rhodes


  1. HELLO! Love it!

    I want to say what I know about the legality of the New World Order.

    It relies upon contracts to exist. There is something called an invisible contract which exists when you have a bank account. Because you are using the Federal Reserve currency, you are entered into a contract with them because it is their property and the Judge sees this as a private contract outside the applicability of the Constitution or Bill of Rights and that is how they have hoodwinked us all. These contracts are not legal and will fall to pieces the moment discovery is granted and their legality is challenged. This is the secret to defeating the NWO, to challenge their contracts and eventually stop using Fiat currency and return to communities that support each other and doesn't rely upon these globalist systems of control which creates these hidden obligations like Income tax.
    See: Mercier_-_Invisible_Contracts__law_as_legalized_slavery__1984_.pdf


  2. Just to say thanks. We're in this together K7c.

    SFC Graig Yarbrough US Army(RET)

  3. Glad and honored to have you with us, soldier.