Monday, October 19, 2009

Vaccines: Soft-kill eugenics weapon

Reuters reports today that a University of California, Davis study has found that children with autism have the same levels of mercury as "normal" children do. Well, duh. Nobody ever said that a dose of mercury will automatically, with certainty, give a child autism. I'm fairly certain that in my childhood years I received some pretty hefty dosages of mercury, yet I'm not autistic. Similarly, not everyone ever exposed to asbestos came down with mesothelioma. Yet asbestos exposure is the prime cause of mesothelioma. I'm sure many people have smoked cigarettes their whole lives and never came down with emphysema or lung cancer. Yet we know smoking will cause emphysema and lung cancer. The people behind this "study" expect that you'll just take it at face value, assuming these people are smarter than you and thus any critical thinking you may try to apply to it will be futilely inept. Obviously that is the mindset here, because the "conclusions" of this "study" are so weak that in a single paragraph I've exposed its absurdity.

Let's for a moment forget there are people out there who are "experts" and that you're supposedly not one of them, and apply our own common sense. Mercury is likely the most powerful neurotoxin known to man. It literally obliterates neurons. The label of thimerisol - the mercury-based "preservative" found in vaccines - has a skull and crossbones on it, and says it is"very toxic". Our bodies have defense mechanisms for filtering out toxins that we ingest naturally - either through breathing or eating/drinking. Some of them will seep into the bloodstream; some of it will be released through our urine or feces. The body has little to defend itself against toxins injected directly into the bloodstream, as this method of entry is completely unnatural. These toxins - and thimerisol/mercury is not the only toxin contained in vaccines - are pumped directly into our soft tissue and blood stream, and there is nothing to stop them from ending up in our brain and other vital organs. It has a cumulative effect on these organs - in the case of neurological disorders, the brain - meaning it collects in the brain and continues to do damage for periods of time after it is injected. How can anyone seriously say, with a straight face, that injecting a vicious and potent neurotoxin directly into the blood of children with developing brains will not seriously damage their nervous system? Again, just how stupid do they believe we are? Extremely, apparently. Particularly since a lobotomy effect is the primary purpose of vaccines in general and mercury in particular.

Despite all of the obvious implications mercury in vaccines have on our brains, particularly children's but also adults, the government continues to insist that it is safe. In fact they tell us it's beneficial to pregnant women and children with developing brains. Yes, the same establishment that tells is sodium fluoride, the industrial waste product first used by Hitler in the death camps and the main active ingredient in many rat poisons and pesticides, is actually good for our teeth and dumps it in our drinking water, tells us a grotesque neurotoxin will benefit the mental health of children whose brains are yet to be developed. If you believe that, you deserve to be lobotomized.

It's time to lift the veil from our eyes and see what we see without fear. This is eugenics. This is soft kill. They are wiping our children's brains clean, and they know it. Surely they could put the controversy about mercury to rest by simply finding another "preservative" that isn't also the most toxic non-radioactive metal on the periodic table. But they insist on it, and in greater dosages. Wake up, and stop letting them kill you and your children. Stop letting them suck the ability to think for yourself from you. You are alive. Your body, your mind, is yours. Protect it.