Friday, October 9, 2009

Clinton Secretary of Labor and Obama adviser: Old people have to die

This is the mindgame, the double speak. They say the healthcare bill won't ration care, while at the same time saying old people are too expensive to allow to live. And the media and the partisan hacks will both confirm and deny it at the same time, so we waste time arguing over fantasy, instead of focusing on the manifestly obvious: this is eugenics, and life is not cheap, it's negative. You live or die - preferably die - at the whim of the power elite, who are genetically superior to you. They of course will not die, and will recieve top medical care until the day they die, and while they're cleansing the population with compulsory sterilization and abortion, they'll have all the children they want. You are not human, you're slaves. OK I'm gonna the video.