Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wake up and smell the genocide

A theme I've been touching on more and more lately is to break free from this psychological dependency we have on other people to think for us. Nothing epitomizes this more than the latest government push to label mercury as harmless or even beneficial. You don't need 12 years of medical education to figure out this is a lie.

Mercury is a vicious neurotoxin and the most toxic non-radioactive metal on the periodic table. It literally obliterates neurons. Yet the FDA, infested by lobbyists from big pharma and Monsanto, tells us mercury is harmless in amalgam fillings, and mercury in fish and, as seen below, vaccines, is beneficial to pregnant women and children with developing brains. You need not look any further for proof of a eugenics plot to stupefy you and especially your children. This is not a bureaucratic SNAFU, this is not incompetence; it's malice aforethought.

First, watch the news report on the American Journal of Pediatrics 'studies' claiming mercury "improves behavior and mental performance" in children. Yes, in the eyes of eugenicists, it indeed does improve behavior and mental performance. It makes them weak and incapable of thinking.

Now, watch a demonstration showing mercury vapor eminating from amalgam fillings:

And finally, this demonstration on the effects of mercury on the brain: