Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All Your Kids Are Belong to Us

I was going to write my own entry on this event, but I couldn't have reported on it better than Will Grigg. The state doesn't like it none too much that you pull your children out of the youth indoctrination camps and give them a real education. True knowledge is not for the proles, it's for the elite. If you're well educated and haven't received the proper programming, you tend not to accept servitude.

    Will Grigg
    LRC Blog -

    Richard and Margie Cressy, homeschooling parents of four children who live in Glenn, New York, were assaulted and kidnapped by local tax-feeders for the supposed crime of educating their children at home without receiving the required benediction from the local high priest of the educrat cult.

    That’s how this story should be reported. The court stenographers for Leviathan’s regional appendage described those events as follows:

    “A Montgomery County couple has been arrested on child endangerment charges for failing to register their children with the school district as they were home-schooled, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said Monday.”

    Under the pernicious doctrine of parens patriae, the default assumption is that children belong to the State. Under that scheme parents (whether biological or adopted) are granted the highly conditional privilege of feeding, housing, and otherwise caring for children unless and until the State claims them as its own.

    In the story broadcast by WRGB, Albany’s ABC affiliate, the parents are treated as entirely incidental to the matter of educating their own offspring. The epicene newsreader exudes incredulous disapproval as he observes that the Cresys “failed to register” their children with the school district seven years ago.

    “How was this allowed to happen? Who should be held accountable?” demands the anchorperson, handing the baton to a correspondent who asks the local education commissar if these children “fell through the cracks.” The “news” clip is entitled “Homeschooled or Forgotten?” — conveying the message that children who are raised, educated, and cared for by parents without the State’s blessing are neglected by definition.

    In classic totalitarian police state fashion, the Cressys were arrested on the basis of an anonymous tip.

    “So who should be held accountable?” the correspondent-cum-prosecutor asks an unidentified police officer near the end of the clip.

    “Well, the parents,” replies the officer, a tax-feeder of ample carriage. “It’s not the school’s fault; the schools are doing the right thing trying to get the parents to file the proper paperwork, which they have now.”

    The “law” requires that certain forms be filled out and disfigured with specific official signatures. No actual crime was committed here, of course, but like the Vogons who populate Douglas Adams’s neo-Swiftian sci-fi novels — an interstellar race of intellectually torpid, morbidly obese bureaucrats — the county mis-education establishment and its enforcers were willing to kill (if “necessary”) two parents and steal their children because the “necessary” paperwork hadn’t been filled out.