Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Youtube as a terrorist "tool"

First Youtube, then the internet. It's FYOG, that they completely obliterate any and all forms of independent communication, in the name of fighting terrorism, and cyber-security. Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.

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  1. 1984 is a movie about systematic depravity as man degenerates into a society of sociopathology. I remember how I used to "wonder" how it is that people with wealth wouldn't be satisfied - and how they would move to desire to control humanity. It was then I realized that their drive to attain wealth wasn't from the noble desire to provide for others. Rather, their desire for wealth was the cancerous drive of a sociopath. So, then I saw that of course sociopaths would leverage wealth to gain control over humanity - and their sociopathology would indeed produce a government system paralleling 1984.

    But, here's the real problem. It cannot be just the elites who are sociopaths in today's society. They are actually "leveraging" the communication mediums in order to create societal sociopathology. They're seeking to create broad "Stockholme syndrome" so that the people "partner" with them in their sociopathological desire for total control of humanity.

    It's like "mental poison" is being injected into our social structures - and we're looking at people around us becoming infected. It's a true sociopathological plague infecting society.

    People around us lack the moral strength, fortitude, and stamina to hear truth and believe it.

    It's a dark cloud and an ill wind. It's the force and the power of evil moving to control a society - even the world.

    They really want a 1984 world in which they control every facet of life - and in which people are in a state of walking nervous breakdown as well as infantile inability to think, feel, will, or reason as individuals.

    When I saw this article, I thought of the "tv screen" in 1984 where only "one voice" is allowed to "speak" to the masses - and the same "tv screen" is a camera by which all persons are monitored.

    Any source of freedom of thought, action, communication as an individual in liberty is "terrorism" to these sociopaths seeking power over the people. What is amazing to me is the emotional attachment that Americans have towards the idealized version of what "the USA is" - and how they are in such great denial regarding the reality that is rearing it's ugly head all around us.

    Well, this article where You Tube is attacked is so 1984 - and so clearly reveals the nature of evil and the evil nature of those seeking to gain power and control over the people of the USA at this time.

    2010 is the year of the rising tide of liberty in the USA. The true American spirit is going to rise and throw off the dark cloud and ill wind of the 1984 sociopaths. I look forward to the new wind that is preparing to sweep across the USA.

    Happy New Year, Steve - this is our year.