Saturday, January 2, 2010

A global climate assault

Of extreme cold. Sober individuals have known for a long time that the Earth stopped warming, and for the last several years has been cooling. But just as the eugenics climate cult and their band of useful idiots have turned up the, uhh, heat in Copenhagen desperately searching for a way to wipe out most of the world's population - I mean save the Earth, Mother Nature has put the exclamation point on the fact that there is no warming, that climate is purely cyclical, and that man, if he plays any roll at all, plays a very limited one.

Usually a heat wave or a cold spell is considered only anecdotal evidence, because it can be unseasonably cold in one area of the world and unseasonably warm in others. Yet from the midwest to the east coast, including North Carolina, experiencing a once in a generation cold snap, and Florida, with its citrus crops threatened by extreme cold; to Britain, experiencing its coldest winter in a century, to India, where scores of people have been killed by the cold this week, with temperatures continuing to plummet, to China; cold weather is blasting the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere, and even in the southern hemisphere, where summer snow fell in Australia last month.

And yet the Pope - another fraud and either not a very intelligent man or a minion of the global power elite - says we need lifestyle changes to save the planet. Noah Wyle stars in a ridiculous ad for the World Wildlife Fund, saying "climate change" is killing the polar bears, which are increasing in numbers. And the frauds of the AGW global warming field would have you believe that last decade was the warmest decade ever, and that this year will be the warmest. Ever (it's not off to a very good start, is it...?) I know it's cliched by now, but it's a bit like Baghdad Bob telling the media American troops are not in the city, as American tanks drive by in the background.

Will this cooling trend continue? Are we heading into an ice age? No one can say. Nobody knows why the sun is so inactive, so they obviously cannot say for certain whether it will become active again, as it was particularly in the late 1990's, when it was more active than it had been in over a thousand years. And therefore no one can predict the climate, because the sun, more than any other factor, drives the climate. While I do enjoy the fact that the extreme cold is spitting sleet in the face of climate change frauds, I would otherwise enjoy continued warm weather, as would all life on Earth. Life flourishes in warmth and light. Carbon dioxide is good, and it's not entirely agreed upon that the atmosphere has any more carbon dioxide today than it did 160 years ago. Let the cows keep farting. They're not bothering anyone, except maybe the people driving by the farm.