Monday, January 4, 2010

Triple-dose of stupidity

Ever since this false flag terror attack (see here, and here) on Christmas, the establishment media has been balls to the wall indoctrinating its lobotomized viewers that A> full body scanners simply must be installed in all our airports, and that anyone concerned with privacy and antiquated notions of Constitutional rights is just out of touch with reality, and B> Yemen is and always has been the home of al Qaeda. Stupid people everywhere never bother to ask, hey wait a minute, I thought Afghanistan was the home of al Qaeda? Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. Except when it's at war with Eurasia. Then Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia. Apply doublethink to the equation and you never miss a beat; it all makes perfect sense. In a psychotic kind of way.

Now, to distract from one of Obama's many broken promises - I would call them "lies", but that's just me - we are bombarded with propaganda telling us, crap, we would really love to close Guantanamo like Obama said we would, but if we did, all the prisoners, who weren't terrorists before we kidnapped them, would flood back into Yemen and collaborate with "al Qaeda" to slaughter every last man, woman and child in America.

It really doesn't take a great leap to figure out that, if you were detained for years without any moniker of due process, tortured repeatedly, debased, humiliated, etc, you kind of might feel inclined to seek revenge against your transgressors. But no. In neocon world, if you're detained by the United States, no matter how long you're incarcerated, no matter how viciously you're tortured, or for how long, no matter how baseless the charges are against you, as if they could be bothered to actually charge you with anything, if you're released and you join some rag-tag militant group probably run and funded by the CIA, and you conspire to kill those who transgressed against you, well you were just a radical jihadist the whole time whose sole motivation was blood lust, end of story. And your country suddenly becomes a den of fanatics hell bent on the annihilation of Western Civilization.

So in order to stop this from happening, crap, we're just going to have to keep Guantanamo up and running, and the torture, the disregard for centuries of civilized jurisprudence, will, reluctantly mind you, have to continue, and gosh, it just breaks our little hearts. And my goodness, you know we just hate war, but we're going to have to bomb Yemen back into the stone age, and won't create more enemies as we do so, nope. And, even though such technology is practically worthless in regards to its intended purpose, we're regretfully going to have to subject you to humiliating virtual strip searches, so worthless TSA tax feeders - a make-work program for the otherwise unemployable - can grovel over your virtual naked body, and perhaps the bodies of your adolescent or pre-adolescent children. It's all so unfortunate.