Sunday, January 10, 2010

Your "tea party" has been hijacked

While neocons in libertarian clothing are worrying about government agents disguised as Muslim jihadists hijacking your plane, libertarians have had their movement hijacked by the GOP, Fox News, and now Sarah Palin. And millions of idiot "conservatives", who believe in "freedom" but can't stand the thought of gays marrying, enjoy the wanton slaughtering of innocents in wars being fought for opium and international banking interests, have no problem with warrantless wiretapping, virtual strip searches (without a warrant) at airports, indefinite detention, and torture, and who despise Ron Paul, think freedom is on the march in America. If we can only survive for a few more months to kick the bums out of Congress and the White House, they're going to take this country back! And then when the "conservatives" they elect do nothing to reverse the damage done by "liberals" these past years - health care, cap and trade, reckless deficit spending (Bush was just as guilty but shhhh - don't talk about that), etc - and when they continue to drive us off the cliff - at a much more casual pace than democrats, but still off the cliff - a candidate who truly believes in liberty, a successor to Ron Paul (his son?), will emerge, and the right wing establishment will destroy him as a kook too.

This is all elementary anyway. We don't have that long to survive.

    Christopher Manion
    LRC Blog -

    So the old trough-dwellers don’t own the “right” after all, says Sarah Palin. Instead, she will speak to a “Tea Party” (that name is sure up for grabs) convention next month and stiffarm CPAC (of course, CPAC doesn’t pay a hundred grand).

    Speaking of CPAC, will anyone there besides Ron Paul dare challenge Bushism, or will he be the lone skunk at the cry-in? For that matter, will the GOP establishment ever allow a truly “conservative” alternative to Obamism? After all, their lobbyists are making more money than ever “fighting” Obama, aren’t they”

    Well, who does own the right, anyway? Hmmm. Maybe we should ask Sarah. Why did she blow off her core pro-family supporters at the GOP convention in Minneapolis and have an extensive “briefing” with AIPAC and Senator Lieberman instead?

    And by the way — who owns Sarah?