Sunday, January 10, 2010

CNN pundit: Stop crying - you're a slave, humiliation is your lot in life

Maybe you're one of the sheep who think each organ of the media is its own entity separate from the government. Maybe you're not aware of the corporations that control it, or their connections to government. Maybe you've never heard of operation Mockingbird, which puts mainstream journalists on the CIA payroll. Maybe you're completely oblivious. Even so, doesn't it at least strike you as odd that the media almost never opposes any major government agenda? When the swine flu hoax broke, and people were freaking out about forced vaccinations, the media told you just get your damn vaccine. Now, right as the government was about to roll out full body scanners - virtual strip searches: a complete violation of your civil rights privacy and presumption of innocence - the media has been bombarding you urging you to just shut up and submit to the police state. James Carville says go ahead and measure my penis if it'll keep me safe. And now this bloated, retarded statist, Roland S Martin, comes out and pretty much tells you you're a bunch of ungrateful cunts if you don't want some TSA degenerate looking at your naked body, or the naked body of your adolescent daughter. It was a security lapse that supposedly caused this "near disaster", but rather than excoriate the TSA for not doing its job with the more than adequate tools they already have at their exposure, the people must be inconvenienced and humiliated for the government's own (purposeful) incompetence. Just shut up and love it, slave! You're not human!

Pardon my language...this drives me up the freaking wall.

    Roland S Martin
    CNN -

    Changes are going to be made in the intelligence community as a result of the security failures that allowed the passenger on Northwest Flight 253 to board the plane, despite there being strong evidence of his allegiance to al-Qaeda.

    One of the centerpieces of President George W. Bush’s administration was the creation of an intelligence center that was supposed to connect all the dots. In this case, that did not happen, as President Barack Obama has said several times.

    Yet what is truly perplexing about the aftermath of the failed bombing is the complacency among Americans who are quick to condemn security lapses but, when tough measures are put into place, act like spoiled children who don’t want to be inconvenienced.

    Take the full body airport scanners. Civil libertarians are up in arms, saying it violates the privacy of Americans. But come on, folks, are they really that bad?

I refuse to expose you to more of this filth. If you want more, the link is there.