Monday, November 23, 2009

New climate change shock propaganda ad shows polar bears plummeting to their bloody deaths

The global warming hysteria mongers have a weird fascination with polar bears, which can, in fact, swim, and, while still endangered, are increasing in numbers, despite the fact (lie) that the ice caps are melting. I'm not advocating species extinction, partly due to the fact that if polar bears ever go extinct (they likely will, as 99% of all species ever to walk, swim or fly on Earth are now extinct), it won't be due to global warming or climate change, but - hello, McFly! - people didn't stop eating tuna when it became known that tuna nets were killing Flipper. They're not going to care particularly about polar bears.

But what we see in this ad, appropriately produced by a website known as, is, like a typical PETA ad, likely to turn people off to the message and do more harm to their cause than good. Which, in this case, is positive, since their cause is a crock and their message is a lie.