Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bring the boys back home

I didn't mention this Olympics debacle, because it's a distraction, and that's exactly what it's intended to be. Now as the press fawns over the Obamas as this glamorous and glitzy celebrity couple paint the town on their anniversary, our troops have suffered through the deadliest day of the war.

Without trying to cheerlead for American deaths, the fact is that our troops are invaders in a foreign land, with no clear purpose and no clear objective. The neocons will say the objective is victory, but victory is completely undefined. Will victory come when the Taliban are defeated? After 8 years they're stronger than ever. Like Vietnam, this war has no objective except to reap maximum profits for the banksters who fund it and the military industrial complex that makes the weapons. And of course to facilitate the heroin trade which the Taliban had banned in the years before our arrival.

With this perspective, the longer Obama wastes time, the more the media tries to distract us from what's happening over there, the more troops that die, the more the political will to sustain this war erodes. Any new commitment of troops would temporarily boost confidence and support for the war - the majority of Americans being oblivious to the real purpose of it - and push its inevitable end further into the future. Call your congressmen, call the White House, and demand they bring the boys back home.