Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bill Gates now pushing genetically modified seeds in Africa

For eugenics. The global population must be culled, and the third world doesn't stand a chance. It can never be overstated that genetically modified crops do nothing to benefit mankind. They do not increase crop yield. They do not increase nutrition. They were initially designed so that chemical companies could sell more of their herbicides - ie Monsanto's Roundup. But as added benefit to eugenicists, they also cause organ failure and sterility. That's why they're such big fans, and are so very desperate to infest Africa with them.

    David Gutierrez
    NaturalNews -

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation continues to throw its support behind risky genetically modified (GM) seeds as a means for feeding hungry Africans, ignoring safer and more reliable technologies that already exist.

    Not long after publicly blaming GM critics for prolonging hunger in Africa, Gates announced that his foundation is partnering with DuPont subsidiary Pioneer Hi-Bred to develop higher yield GM strains of corn. Two years ago, the Gates Foundation also partnered with Monsanto to develop drought-tolerant GM corn.

    The companies claim that these GM seeds will be delivered to small farmers free of charge. Yet Monsanto says its drought-tolerant corn will not be ready until 2012, at which point it will be introduced into the commercial market. It will not be made available to poor African farmers until 2016.

    Pioneer is using conventional (non-GM) breeding techniques to produce higher yielding corn by 2014. There is no projected date for when a GM version of this new strain will be developed.

    "It's hard not to think that Monsanto, Dupont and their ilk are turning into the Bernie Madoff of agriculture," writes "Grist" blogger Tom Laskawy. "Convince gullible foundations along with the federal government to send billions in research dollars their way based on a promise of magically awesome results. Sometime down the road, of course."

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