Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kids may need 2 H1N1 doses again this year

We're barely out of last season and the establishment is lubing us up for the next. This is how stupid and distracted they take the American people for, and they may have a point. H1N1 has been exposed as a criminally over-hyped debauchery leveled on the people of the world, with the crisis' biggest facilitators having been shown to be agents of Big Pharma. The death toll was negligible, particularly in light of the risks associated with vaccination, which doesn't prevent disease anyway.

Now the establishment's "doctors" are out whoring for them again, encouraging Americans to tale a moment from their reality TV marathons to poison their kids, so they can grow up to be chemically lobotomized retards just like mommy and daddy. Fortunately few people listened to these shills last season, and, H1N1 having been a total dud of a "pandemic", fewer people will listen to them this year.

    CNN -

    Children over 6 months and under 9 years old who haven't received an H1N1 vaccine yet can expect to get two doses of seasonal flu vaccine this fall, if the Centers for Disease Control adopts recommendations from its vaccine advisory committee.

    The CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted to add this recommendation to the usual seasonal flu rules at a regularly scheduled meeting in Atlanta on Thursday.

    Young children under the age of 9 who never got the H1N1 or never got seasonal flu vaccine will need to get two seasonal flu shots or sprays, says Dr. Anthony Fiore, a vaccine specialist at the CDC, who presented data to the committee. Children under the age of 6 months are too young to get any flu vaccination.

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