Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Colorado town of Black Hawk bans bicycles

You already know what I'm gonna say. That's freedom. That's what being an Amurr'can is all about. Sing it, Lee Greenwood!

    London Guardian -

    Cycling has been banned since 5 June in Black Hawk, Colorado.

    A town in the US has banned cyclists on most of its streets, punishing anyone who gets caught with a $68 (£46) fine. Black Hawk in Colorado, which has a population of just above 100, is thought to be the first town in the US to make cycling illegal after a change in civic law.

    The curious decree has been introduced for "health and safety" reasons, said administrators of the former goldmining town, which in the 1990s decided to develop gambling to prevent the place vanishing altogether.

    Michael Copp, Black Hawk's city manager, the equivalent of chief executive of a local council in the UK, admitted there had not been any accidents to prompt the ban, just concern over potential collisions between motor vehicles and bicycles on 19th-century streets that were designed for horses and carriages.

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