Sunday, June 27, 2010

Parents of young NJ man accused of trying to join terrorists argue he was steered by FBI

Of course he was.

    Associated Press -

    The parents of a New Jersey man accused of trying to join a terrorist group say they believe the FBI fueled the behavior that led to his arrest.

    Mahmood and Nadia Alessa told The Record newspaper their 20-year-old son, Mohamed, had been monitored by the FBI since age 16 and was encouraged by an undercover agent to act like a terrorist.

    Mohamed Alessa and 24-year-old Carlos Almonte were arrested June 5 as they prepared to board planes to Egypt. Authorities say they planned to travel to Somalia to seek terror training.

    Alessa's parents say their son was traveling to Egypt to meet a 19-year-old Swedish Muslim he planned to marry.

    Both are charged with conspiracy to kill, harm and kidnap people outside the United States.

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