Saturday, June 26, 2010

Media whores sit on Algore sexual assault story

"For reasons unknown", the victim did not pursue charges. You in no way should assume or inquire whether her life was threatened, or if she was paid to shut up. And the media, whores that they are, sat on the story, to protect their Lord and Savior.

But none of this matters. Do we expect these liars, thieves and murderers to have any dignity, honor, or morals? After all the lies have been exposed about "climate change", which hasn't deterred the eugenifreaks one iota, should we expect them to care if Algore happens to be a rapist? And maybe he's not even a rapist; maybe this woman is just opportunistic. In this sue-happy culture, it's entirely plausible. But no investigation at all? Yes, the cards are stacked heavily against you. Fight them? You don't stand a chance. They own everything. They own you. The only way to "fight" is not to fight at all. Not to participate. Not to dignify them by even acknowledging their existence. If you're fighting the system, you're a slave to it.

    Politico -

    Portland's Oregonian today printed a police report echoing a National Enquirer story that a masseuse accused Al Gore of sexual harassment in 2006.

    The woman did not wind up pursuing her complaint, for reasons unclear. It's also worth noting that the Portland Tribune had the story two years ago, and writes that it "chose at that time not to publish a story."

    UPDATE: Portland Tribune executive editor Mark Garber declined to discuss the story in detail, but did shed a bit more light on why his paper had chosen not to run with it, based on what he called "many of the test points that we would normally have to determine whether there was sufficient evidence that something inappropriate had occurred."

    "We weren’t able to meet our own test," he said.

    The paper also quoted a Gore spokeswoman, Kalee Krieder, saying, “Not only has there not been a settlement, we haven’t been approached about one nor can we imagine any basis for one.”

    Portland Police Bureau 2009 investigative report on Al Gore incident