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Autism rates skyrocket in America as vaccines target more children

Normally I would have something sarcastic and cynical to add to this, but for serious, we know this. How can this be anything other than obvious? You're injecting mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, anti-freeze, detergent, etc, into the bloodstream of children with developing brains. What did we think it was going to do to their minds? -

    According to a U.S. government survey just published, rates of autism in children have doubled since 2003. Today, an estimated 1 in 91 children are being diagnosed with autism, making this the highest rate in any population in the history of human civilization. Meanwhile, the vaccination push in America continues, specifically targeting children with not just seasonal flu vaccines (which may contain thimerosal), but also the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

    It all begs the question: Is there a link between vaccines and autism?

    In defending vaccines, many doctors have blamed autism on a genetic cause. But if it's genetic, why are rates skyrocketing so quickly? The gene pool obviously isn't changing that dramatically. There's no such thing as a "genetic epidemic." If genes caused autism, the rate of autism diagnosis should be holding steady year after year. Clearly, something else is at work, causing the sharp increase in autism.

    Autism is a neurological disorder. If you're looking for the cause of autism, it only makes sense to look at causes involving environmental factors that expose children to chemicals linked to neurological disorders. Vaccines immediately come to mind, not only because they contain thimerosal -- a preservative made with methyl mercury that's extremely toxic to the nervous system -- but also because they contain chemical adjuvants like squalene, which directly cause inflammation of the nervous system.

    So what happens when a nutrient-deficient child is exposed to more than one hundred vaccines injected with thimerosal, squalene and other chemicals? It's not unreasonable to suspect that vaccines -- which inject these chemicals directly into the body -- might be one of the more obvious causes.

    The pharmaceutical industry (which thrives on vaccines) claims there is absolutely no link between vaccines and autism. Well of course they do! The entire future of pharmaceutical profit-making depends on the continued propagandizing of the myth that chemical intervention improves human health. They're no more likely to find fault with their own vaccines than a cigarette company is to admit cigarettes cause cancer.

    "Asking the pharmaceutical industry to investigate the safety of vaccines is like asking Big Tobacco to investigate the safety of cigarettes.

    What's clear is that rates have autism have paralleled the rise in children's vaccines. Each year we get more vaccines pushed onto children, and each year we see increases in autism. Given that many vaccines contain a neurotoxic heavy metal (mercury) and neurotoxic adjuvants, it only seems reasonable to start looking at vaccines as one of the important contributing factors (if not the main cause) of autism.

    Other factors for autism

    There are likely other factors involved, and their danger potentially gets multiplied in the presence of methyl mercury from vaccines. Monosodium glutamate (MSG), for example, is a neurotoxin, too, and kids today are eating more and more foods laced with MSG as flavor enhancers. (It's found in canned soups, gravy mixes, salad dressings, snack dips, and virtually all "instant" microwaveable meals.) Look for "yeast extract" on food labels: It's a covert source of MSG that manufacturers use to avoid having to place "MSG" on the ingredients label.

    There's also aspartame and diet sodas. Aspartame is a potent neurotoxin that could be making the nervous system especially vulnerable to damage from vaccines. Beyond chemical food ingredients, the human nervous system can also be compromised by pain drugs administered during childbirth, antidepressant drugs or diabetes drugs given to expectant mothers, or even the highly toxic chemicals commonly found in "baby care" products used in hospitals around the world.

    Even before they're born, most first-world babies are exposed to a toxic stew of synthetic chemicals. The chemical invasion of a vaccine injection might be the one final blow that sends the nervous system in a downward spiral of destruction.

    The facts cannot be denied: Our children are being neurologically poisoned by chemicals, and vaccines are one of the most worrisome sources of chemical suspects. In my opinion, any parent subjecting their child to vaccines today is directly putting their child in harm's way. They are risking their child's life in order to comply with a highly unethical, profit-focused vaccine push that has but one objective: To sell more dangerous pharmaceutical chemicals to children who don't need them.

    There will be a day in the future, I'm sure, when injecting a child with a neurotic chemical will be considered a felony crime, punishable by years in prison. Until that day comes, this same criminal act is innocuously called "administering a vaccine."

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  1. "In defending vaccines, many doctors have blamed autism on a genetic cause. But if it's genetic, why are rates skyrocketing so quickly? "

    The increase in diagnosis is due to an increase in awareness and knowledge of autism on the part of the medical profession. Autism was first identified by Kanner in 1943, and so to state that ", an estimated 1 in 91 children are being diagnosed with autism, making this the highest rate in any population in the history of human civilization" is a gross oversimplifcation of the truth. What is happening is that the mainstream medical profession (GPs) is finally becoming aware of the early symptoms of autism, and diagnostic tools are becoming ever sharper. Further, GPs are under pressure from parents to provide the autism diagnosis for a child with developmental difficulties, as in many states this allows for special services. Thus, greater awareness, coupled with overdiagnosis may well be the driving factor behind this sudden explosion.

    Several large epidemiological studies, cited in ( reveal that there is a) no greater incidence of autism in vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated children, and b) no greater incidence of autism in regions that use thimerosal vs. those that do not. Cases have been heard in court where people have sued vaccine providers for causing autism and lost, because the autism-mercury link testimony was dismissed as "hypothesis and speculation" rather than good science.

    This hypothesis is simply not supported by the preponderance of the evidence. Indeed, many children with autism seem to develop normally and then regress around age 2, often coincident with administration of a vaccine. Thus, temporal contiguity appears to imply causation, which, the evidence suggests, is simply not true. Indeed, once mercury was removed from vaccines in the US in 2001, the rates of autism continued to rise by the same amount.

    Finally, the pharmaceutical companies are not responsible for these studies. They have been conducted in multiple different countries by multiple universities funded by government agencies, not by pharmaceutical companies.

    In the face of such evidence, it is puzzling why we continue to debate this possibility.

    Joe Moran