Thursday, June 17, 2010

Democrats vote to illegally surrender legislative powers to Obama

The president is a puppet dictator. Congress and the courts are a rubber stamp. But keep going to the voting booth. Keep fighting to take your country back. Keep legitimizing this utterly rogue, criminal system. You're a good slave. You don't mind if the president is a dictator, so long as he has the correct letter next to his name.

    Conservative Examiner -

    According to the Constitution, Congress is responsible for legislating and regulating things, not the president...and certainly not un-elected, unaccountable federal bureaucrats.

    But since Obama cannot advance his economy-killing war on science (Cap-and-Trade) by legitimate means (after completely ruining his credibility during the illegal health care takeover), he has decided to simply invent the authority he needs out of thin air, through the EPA.

    And by a vote of 53-47, Democrats have now cleared the way for his Constitution-trampling power grab to become official.

    Hint: There is an established method for fundamentally transforming the structure of government. It's called amending the Constitution. Any other means of abandoning the Founding principles is illegal. One would expect a "constitutional scholar" like Obama to be able to comprehend this basic grade school concept.