Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dissent at the CIA: Officers protest ‘harmful’ drone strikes

I suppose it's to be expected that the Agency has a few liberal pussies bad apples spoiling the bunch. Anyone with half a brain could tell you that these drone attacks only create more enemies to kill, which is perfect for a war which has as its only objective sustainability for drug and military industrial complex profits.

    Raw Story -

    Some CIA officers involved in the agency's drone strikes programme in Pakistan and elsewhere are privately expressing their opposition to the programme within the agency, because it is helping al Qaeda and its allies recruit, according to a retired military officer in contact with them.

    "Some of the CIA operators are concerned that, because of its blowback effect, it is doing more harm than good," said Jeffrey Addicott, former legal adviser to U.S. Special Forces and director of the Centre for Terrorism Law at St Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas, in an interview with IPS.

    Addicott said the CIA operatives he knows have told him the drone strikes are being used effectively by al Qaeda and Taliban leaders to recruit more militants.

    CIA officers "are very upset" with the drone strike policy, Addicott said. "They'll do what the boss says, but they view it as a harmful exercise."

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