Thursday, June 3, 2010

Estimates OK for speeding tickets, court rules

No independent proof; the officer does not uphold the law, he or she is the law. Evidence? They don't need evidence, slave. You were speeding because we say you were speeding, period. We are running out of taxes to clobber you with, and now we're going to loot and pillage you in other ways. Toss the lube aside and bend over. You love it.

    Dayton Daily News -

    Ohio's highest court has ruled that a person may be convicted of speeding purely if it looked to a police officer that the motorist was going too fast.

    The Ohio Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that an officer's visual estimation of speed is enough to support a conviction if the officer is trained, certified by a training academy, and experienced in watching for speeders. The court's 5-1 decision says independent verification of a driver's speed is not necessary.

    The court upheld a lower court's ruling against a driver who challenged a speeding conviction that had been based on testimony from police officer in Copley, 25 miles south of Cleveland. The officer said it appeared to him that the man was driving too fast.