Wednesday, June 9, 2010

'Grim Milestone': Afghan War Now Country's Longest

I love this grim milestone crap. Nobody cares that a thousand Americans have died in Afghanistan. Nobody cares (or noticed) that this is now the longest "war" in our country's history. I mean, think about that astounding fact. It took us less time to dismantle the Nazi and Japanese war machines than it did to defeat a bunch of goat herders and cavemen. And the onion is, there is no end in sight.

    ABC News -

    The Afghan war was enormously popular when it began on a fall Sunday eight and a half years ago. Less than a month had passed since the September 11 attacks, and President Bush could draw on deep wells of support when he ordered air strikes against Kabul , Jalalabad and the Taliban stronghold at Kandahar.

    "We are supported," Bush said that day, with only slight exaggeration, "by the collective will of the world."

    By mid-November American forces had driven the Taliban from the capital; at month's end Kandahar was in the U.S. sights; in early December the Taliban leadership fled, and Marines set up a base near the Kandahar airfield.

    No one proclaimed "Mission Accomplished," but they might as well have. Surely, it seemed, this would be a brief campaign.

    On the one-year anniversary, in October 2002, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld told CNN, "The Taliban are gone. The Al Qaeda are gone."

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