Thursday, June 17, 2010

Iran 'definitely' building nuclear weapon

Publicly, the administration can only say they 'believe' Iran is building a nuclear weapon. That's because Iran is not building a nuclear weapon, so all the regime can do is send out an anonymous foreign counterproliferation official to say they're definitely building one. The anonymous source is absolutely, categorically certain they're building a nuclear weapon - so certain the regime cannot say so officially. It's all a (not-so) clever propaganda ploy, eagerly facilitated by the regime's media whores. What is absolutely, categorically certain is the United States will bomb Iran. -

    Due to concern over potentially harmful international political implications, U.S. officials will only say they "believe" Iran is engaged in a clandestine program that may yield a nuclear weapon.

    However, the men and women working undercover to stop Iran from doing so are willing to say much more.

    "There is no doubt Iran is definitely building a nuclear weapon," a senior foreign counterproliferation official with a U.S. ally says in an exclusive interview with WTOP.

    "Oh yes, in my opinion it is fact. "We see it every day," the official says.

    The Obama administration is clearly concerned.

    "The nature and scope of Iran's nuclear program causes the U.S. and the international community to question whether Iran's nuclear intentions are peaceful," says National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer.

    "Iran is pursuing a nuclear program that includes significant capabilities, particularly its uranium enrichment and heavy water reactor capabilities that would provide Iran a nuclear weapons capability," Hammer says, adding that the capabilities "are not inherently capable of supporting Iran's stated objective of a peaceful nuclear power program."

    Hammer says the body of evidence against Iran includes belligerent statements from Iranian officials, human intelligence sources and Iran's own military activity.

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