Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kucinich: ‘We may be funding our own killers in Afghanistan’

Of course we are. We can't have the enemy run out of funds and weapons, can we? The war would be over!

    Raw Story -

    Click for New York Times story: US-backed 'bribes' in Afghanistan may be funding Taliban

    On June 7, the day Afghanistan became America’s longest-ever war, the New York Times reported on an ongoing investigation poised to prove that private security companies "are using American money to bribe the Taliban" to fuel combat and thus enhance demand for their services. The news follows a "series of events last month that suggested all-out collusion with the insurgents," the Times said.

    Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), a leading opponent of the war, wondered, "Is the U.S. paying for attacks on U.S. troops?”

    "Our troops are dying in Afghanistan, and now it turns out we may be funding their killers," Kucinich said in a statement e-mailed to Raw Story, renewing his longstanding call for a pullout. "Our continued presence in Afghanistan is detrimental to our security."

    "The American people are paying to prop up a corrupt government that may be using our money to pay private companies to drum up business by paying the insurgents to attack our troops," he said.

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  1. Of course we're funding the "enemy." If the "enemy" didn't have funds they couldn't fight. If they couldn't fight, there'd be no reason for us to deficit spend for "defense."

    So what else is new? Both sides have been funded by the same people for over a century, and not only here, but around the world.

    I'll try to find a couple of ebooks I have and try to make a more substantial comment. Unfortunately, I have had extreme difficulty with high speed internet from Verizon and ClearWire and have to use the library computer. I'll try to get back tomorrow unless you'd rather I didn't.