Thursday, June 3, 2010

Light up your vaccine and take a hit

You will get your vaccine, one way or the other. Not only can vaccines be grown into crops, they can be grown in blood-sucking insects like mosquitoes. You're out mowing your lawn one day, you feel a sharp sting on your shoulder, *POOF!* you're immune! What's that? The Nuremberg Code? Never heard of it. Drink your tap water, that we poisoned with fluoride, and stop asking questions. -

    Darpa, the Pentagon’s research and development branch, has awarded $40 million to Texas A&M University and pharmaceutical manufacturer G-Con to develop a method for producing vaccines by growing them in tobacco.

    Scientists are engineering bacteria that will carry flu markers into Nicotiana benthamiana tobacco plants, which will then create flu protein. Technicians grind up the leaves to extract the protein.

    Popular Science reports:

    “As plant-grown medicines gain industry popularity, this particular species of tobacco could dominate the market. Like its cash-crop cousin, it’s fast-growing and cheap.”


    Popular Science May 6, 2010

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